I have a history of making art that moves.  Floating, ascending, expanding, and the verbs associated with natural elements and forms in motion are the subject matter.  I employ linear compositions that merge the elegant and simple with the vigorous and dynamic.

I design large-scale site-specific sculptures that are activated by the moving viewer. The forms are defined by lines: lines that overlap, lines that extend into space, layers of lines that in total create a fascinating matrix.  The viewer’s experience is elemental and straight forward, independent of language, education, or age.

Although most of my sculptures are large and made of metal, they are anything but static. I always want my sculptures to put on a show—one that relies on visual effects created by patterns, shadows, lighting, and the shifting perspective of the viewer.

I approach each new project as an exciting challenge to develop the correct form. The process begins by analyzing the site; learning about the local history and culture, and exploring the surrounding context.  Designs have been sensitive to the needs and concerns of the local residents and the prevailing aesthetics of each site.  The sculptures are dynamic without being fragile - special care is taken to select design and materials, with a concern for longevity and ease of maintenance. 

I am a sculptor fascinated by motion.  My sculptures appear to twist, turn, locomote and defy stasis; the moving viewer is my ideal audience.  With each design, I strive to deal with material and form in a significant, inventive, and economic way.


Al Price